Probepackung Volcanic Earth - 5ml

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Probieren Sie unsere VolcanicEarth Produkte. Probepackung VolcanicEarth - 5 ml

   √ Hautausschlag
   √ Anti-Aging
   √ Anti-virale
   √ Anti-bakteriell
   √ Hautbeschwerden
   √ Anti-Aging
   √ Anti-virale
   √ Anti-bakteriell
   √ Muskeln

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5ml : Facial Clay Mask - Tamanu Oil™

5ml : Facial Exfoliant - Tamanu Oil™, Volcanic Ash

5ml : Facial Cleanser - Tamanu Oil™ , Coconut Oil

5ml : Facial Toner - Tamanu Oil™

5ml : Facial Moisturiser - Tamanu Oil™ , Coconut Oil

5ml : Facial Night Cream - Tamanu Oil™

5ml : Hand Scrub Frangipani - Volcanic Ash

5ml : Hand Moisturiser Frangipani - Coconut Oil

5ml : Foot Scrub - Peppermint Pumice

5ml : Foot Cream - Peppermint, Coconut Oil
5ml : Tamanu Oil
5ml : Coconut Oil

Volcanic Earth ingredients are proven effective and analysed carefully. For example Tamanu Oil is analysed with a Gas Chromatography mass spectrometry for purity and provided with a certificate of analysis. Nature has so much to offer. Like the Volcanic Ash; Volcanic Ash is nature’s natural healer for dry and damaged skin. This very popular treatment celebrates the many benefits of the rich mineral content of natural volcanic ash and clays. The ash is collected from the most active volcanoes worldwide. Special teams collect the ash in bulk. Not everyone can or is allowed to collect this ash from this island, because of land rights.

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