Volcanic Earth Europe available in Pharmacy stores.
Our Online Volcanic Earth Europe Shop.  Volcanic Earth Europe available in Pharmacy stores. Traditionally Tamanu oil is used for acne scarring, treatment of psoriasis, eczema, skin, hair, as an anti-aging product or as an ingredient in cosmetic products, the oil is also used for sunburns, wounds and more.

Tamanu Oil in Pharmacy - 15ml


Tamanu Oil in Pharmacy - 50ml


Tamanu Oil in Pharmacy - 100ml


Tamanu Oil in Pharmacy - 1Liter


Handmade Soap with Tamanu Oil - Face


Facial Cleaner - Clay


Facial Toner


Facial Moisturiser


Facial Exfoliant with Tamanu Oil


Perfect Night Cream


Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream


Facial Mask with Volcanic Earth


Luxuries Tamanu Oil Soap


Hand Scrub with Frangipani


Hand Moisturiser - Frangipani

+1 Free

Handmade Soap Volcanic Ash - soft scrub

+1 Free

Handmade Soap Coconut oil


Handmade Foot Scrub - Real Volcanic Ash

+1 Free

Handmade Soap Tamanu Oil


Foot Scrub with Volcanic Ash


Feet Cream for irritated feet

120 capsules

20% Alkylglycerol - Natural Immune stimulator

+1 Free

Handmade Soap Frangipani


Pure Coconutoil - 1 Liter

Bodfeld Apotheke


Available in Bodfeld Apotheke…

Volcanic Earth Europe and Ecomer in Bodfeld Apotheke !
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