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The skin is one of the most important parts of our body.
Our skin makes us feel and protects us from outside influences.
It is important to be well with your skin to go.

- hemorrhoids
- Acne
- Anal fissure (gap)
- anal itching (pruritus ani)
- Baby acne
- Bacterial vaginosis
- Blisters
- Burns, superficial-
- Headaches
- Dry skin
- Contact eczema
- headache disorders
- Skin glands
- itchy skin
- Hairdressing Syndrome
- Liqueur
- Muggenbeet
- Ear larynx
- Age spots
- Plain wounds
- Steenpuisten
- Stretch mark
- teaspoon disease
- Vaginitis
- Flea bite
- Feet problems
- Footwarts
- Waterwarts
- Solar energy
- Swimmer's cheek

Skin disorders are often difficult to distinguish
 Skin disorders are often difficult to each distinguish. For this is that many skin disorders the same type of phenomenon (can) display and / or because there are multiple skin disorders simultaneously or sequentially.
 Dry, scaly skin

 Skin Repairing, nourishing, soothing and moisturising oil. Suitable for dry, scaly skin, chapped skin, dehydrated skin and also supports recovery of scars. Keeps the skin young, tight and elastic.

Tamanu Oil™ protects healthy skin cell and tissue thanks to the unique fatty acid called, calophyllic acid.

The skin becomes visible softer and because of the unique
properties in Tamanu Oil™ it help prevent further damage to skin cells.

In relation to Tamanu Oil™ benefits for skin, just apply it directly onto the skin 2-3 times a day initially if possible, as it tends to work faster the more frequently it is applied (just don't overdo it).

There are no known Tamanu Oil™ side effects when used as on the skin except for a small group who can have an allergic reaction.
This is why we recommend that you always test a small piece of skin and wait at least 24 hours.

Tamanu Oil™ calms and rebalance your skin.
A few drops is sufficient to apply directly on the skin,
just enough to absorb in easily.
You can lower the dosage if you notice that the oil
does not absorb as quickly any more.

Tamanu Oil™ can be mixed with cosmetic products of your own cream.
Only a few drops is sufficient.
[ Tamanu Tip, if you have a slight sensitive skin: 
  Every evening, well before bedtime, 1 drop on your skin

 Pure Tamanu Oil™ can be heavy for those with a sensitive facial skin, 
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