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Back to basics– The Nature - with 100% natural products!

'Real', 'Pure' and 'Natural' are so common in advertising slogans
to convince consumers.
Many of us does not ask a well-known manufacturer of facial crème, shampoos,
to provide documentary evidence of the statements show.
In our ouw lab we analyse natural ingredients
together with our scientists.

In our research to skin care products in several countries, we see an exceptional increase in interest to 100% natural skin care products.
Producers may easily claim the term 100% natural. The rule is 95% natural ingredients, but not with Volcanic Earth products.

It gives us great satisfaction to compose honest products, to test and present to you.

√ 100% pure Tamanu Oil
√ 100% pure Coconut Oil
√ 100% Volcanic Ash (Volcanic Ash)

Volcanic Earth fair trade skin care products, chemical-free and 100% natural.
Each ingredient has been tested in our lab. VolcanicEarth is unique because of its origin.
These ingredients are authentic and centuries medicinally used by folk medicine.
 A unique authentic story to tell.

Authenticity and purity is maintained during the entire process.
All the ingredients are subjected to strong quality control and assayed by GCMS and includes a COA.

Currently we deliver our pure ingredients to the cosmetics industry and esthetic dermatology clinics.
To get closer to you, we have compiled a complete skincare line based on the mentioned basic ingredients
Naturally, all the basic ingredients remain offered separately.

√ 100% pure Tamanu Oil ™  √  100% Pure Coconut Oil √ 100% Volcanic Ash (Volcanic Ash)
Suitable  for men, women in all ages & skin types:  - normal, dry, greasy, combination skin -


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