Bacteriële vaginose

b_tamanu olie tree_
Bacterial vaginosis is a common condition in the vagina, caused by excessive growth of bacteria. 
Common symptoms include increased vaginal discharge that often smells like fish.
The discharge is usually white or gray in color.
You can have this condition without having a problem. The amount of discharge may also be varied, sometimes many, sometimes few. The condition was often dismissed as "annoying but not dangerous" and only when there were complaints like pain than it was treated. However, the infection can lead to complications such as inflammation of the oviducts and the small pelvis.
Now, will you think Tamanu Oil is effective against it?
Traditionally, Tamanu Oil was also used preventively by applying a few drops around the genitals and along the anus.
Both man and women use this oil around their genitals.

There have been some scientific studies on Tamanu Oil, the research remains limited,
Largely due to the fact that the product is not commercial outside the Pacific.
Which makes it special because the process is not simple and only the pure original Tamanu Oil is effective.

There is a very small stock of the pure authentic Tamanu Oil ™ in the world, because it can only be obtained in a very small area,
together with the extremely high quality requirements, this is why prices of our authentic ingredients are high in the market.
Many Tamanu Oil suppliers claim the original Tamanu Oil.
By doing so, they claim our name and sell the non-original Tamanu Oil at a relatively low amount.
The effect is that the product is bought cheaply with no to little effect / result.
They are often mixed or does not possess the healing properties.
There is one type of Tamanu worldwide which has the natural effective properties, besides the oil production process is extremely important.
Only the original pure Tamanu Oil has been proven effectively for skin and hair.
This also means that some drops are already sufficient.