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At NATUURLIJK4U you will find exclusive & unique animal products.
Including home-made products, oil called MULTI OIL with the main component
pure Tamanu oil.

With great enthusiasm, they provide coats from, among others, all mixes of Doodles.
They not only develop skin care products but also give workshops.

Multi Olie 5 ml
The Multi-Oil is just that little bit extra with a coat that stays dry despite the use of the Vachtspray.
The basic ingredients such as 100% Tamanu oil, Vitamin E & optional essential oil
and supplemented with ingredients that ensure that the fur is not clit or fluffy.
Good to use in combination with Natuurlijk4Dogs Vachtspray.

Tamanu Oil is traditionally also used in animals:
• Any form of rash
• UV protection (useful against coat discoloration)
• Insects bites and the allergic reaction to this (snowball effect)
• Eczema treatment
• Damaged or very dry fur
• Dry skin and or damaged skin
• Curing scars and preventing them

Natuurlijk4Dogs products:

The benefits of Tamanu Oil is endless. A wound or inflammation can develop quickly. They developed a complete set of skin care for this:
• Liquid Shampoo
• Liquid Conditioner
• Coat spray
• Block Shampoo
• Block Conditioner
• Multi-Oil
• Coat oil
• Ear care
• and even delicious dog perfume


Natuurlijk4Dogs Solutions:

Special advice and training for various skin problems, coat problems
Think of:
- Solutions for ear problems
- Solutions for fleas
- Solutions for felting, tangling,
- Solutions for eczema, scratching, allergy,
    wounds, biting
- Solutions when trimming