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100% Natural Facial Skin Care Line with 100% pure Tamanu Oil™.  Order directly ► Facial Skin Care

Why do we use skin care products?
The name says it all "skin care".
We use skin care products to keep our skin supple, because it contributes to the resilience of the skin and protect it from the weather, water and UV radiation. Care maintain the natural fat layer on the skin, and controlling the acidity.

Our pure authentic ingredients are delivered to the cosmetics industry, aesthetic dermatology clinics, Wellness industry and veterinary clinics.
In addition, we developed a complete body and facial skin care based on the mentioned basic ingredients.

Our products are made from natural ingredients.

Natural Facial Skin Care with pure Tamanu Oil™ :
► for sensitive skin
► for oily skin
► for combination skin
► for dry skin
Suitable  for men, women in all ages

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