Sample set Volcanic Earth - 5ml

Volcanic Earth
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Try our VolcanicEarth Products with our VolcanicEarth sample set of 5ml

   √ Rash
   √ UV Protection
   √ Mosquitoes Bites
   √ Scars
   √ Anti-aging
   √ Anti-viral
   √ Anti-bacterial
   √ Skin Conditions
   √ Muscles
   √ Anti-Inflammatory

Sample set Volcanic Earth products - Contains:

5ml : Facial Clay Mask - Tamanu Oil™

5ml : Facial Exfoliant - Tamanu Oil™, Volcanic Ash

5ml : Facial Cleanser - Tamanu Oil™ , Coconut Oil

5ml : Facial Toner - Tamanu Oil™

5ml : Facial Moisturiser - Tamanu Oil™ , Coconut Oil

5ml : Facial Night Cream - Tamanu Oil™

5ml : Hand Scrub Frangipani - Volcanic Ash

5ml : Hand Moisturiser Frangipani - Coconut Oil

5ml : Foot Scrub - Peppermint Pumice

5ml : Foot Cream - Peppermint, Coconut Oil
5ml : Tamanu Oil
5ml : Coconut Oil

Volcanic Earth ingredients are proven effective and analysed carefully. For example Tamanu Oil is analysed with a Gas Chromatography mass spectrometry for purity and provided with a certificate of analysis. Nature has so much to offer. Like the Volcanic Ash; Volcanic Ash is nature’s natural healer for dry and damaged skin. This very popular treatment celebrates the many benefits of the rich mineral content of natural volcanic ash and clays. The ash is collected from the most active volcanoes worldwide. Special teams collect the ash in bulk. Not everyone can or is allowed to collect this ash from this island, because of land rights.

Why VolcanicEarth - Europe ?
In our research institute we stand behind ingredients that are traditionally proven effective.
Our focus is people, animals and nature.
Each VolcanicEarth ingredient has been individually tested to prevent hypersensitivity or any kind of irritation to the skin.
With the aim of restoring and supporting the natural protective layer. During the development, extra attention was paid to the use in several forms of skin diseases, for example eczema, but also allergic reactions, skin irritations.
VolcanicEarth products are free of: Alcohol, Parabens, Perfume, artificial additives, silicones, CAPB (Cocamidopropyl betaine). Even the bottles are taken care of harmful ingredients.
Suitable for men and women of all ages and suitable for all skin types:
normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, mixed skin.

Volcanic Earth - 3 Authentic ingredients:

I] The original pure authentic Tamanu Oil
Tamanu Oil not only gives your skin and hair a glossy effect, the oil makes your skin healthy again.
1 Drop Tamanu Oil is sufficient for daily use.

II] The pure DME processed Coconut Oil
Volcanic Earth only uses the DME Method of coconut oil production.Volcanic Earth Coconut Oil is used extensively throughout our skin care ranges and this even extends to our hand-made Coconut Oil Soaps.

III] Pure Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Ash comes from the most active volcano world wide.
stimulates not only to resist bacteria, its nature's natural healer for dry and damaged skin.
Volcanic Ash is processed in our Facial Cleanser, Facial Clay Mask, Facial Exfoliant, Handmade Soap with volcanic ash.

Volcanic Ash Coconut Oil Tamanu Oil

Pharmaceutical Grade

Main ingredient: 100% Tamanu Oil
100% Volcanic Ash

5ml Volcanic Earth sample pakket
• Facial Clay Mask
• Facial Exfoliant
• Facial Cleanser
• Facial Toner
• Facial Moisturiser
• Facial Night Cream
• Hand Scrub Frangipani
• Hand Moisturiser Frangipani
• Foot Scrub Peppermint
• Foot Cream Peppermint
• Tamanu Oil
• Coconut Oil

Skin Type: • normal • dry • greasy • combinations skin
Suitable for:


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