Tamanu-Europe Europe supports DierenLot.

Tamanu-Europe supports the DierenLot Foundation.

Stichting DierenLot stands for abused, injured, discarded and neglected animals in the Netherlands.
This concerns home and companionship, stray and animals that lives in wild nature.
They do this in collaboration with and by supporting more than 300 local and regional
animal aid organizations where thousands of volunteers are actively involved in caring for the animals.
Their help consists of providing financial support and assistance in kind.
But they also offer a solution for transport.
With almost 150 animal ambulances driving throughout the Netherlands
(loaned by Stichting DierenLot to the animal welfare organizations)
they are represented on the road throughout the Netherlands.
In addition, they work hard to improve the self-sufficiency of local and regional animal welfare organizations.
In all this they can use your support well.

Stichting DierenLot wants to get more publicity. You can easily support in 2 ways.
Go to: www.dier.nu
Or donate to: GIRO2329
Tamanu-Europe in action for Dierenlot.
2. Just buy our Tamanu-Oil
For every sold pure Tamanu Oil 15ml, Tamanu-Europe donates € 0.30 to Stichting Dierenlot



15ml Tamanu Oil for your animal

Animals such as horses, dogs, cats can suffer from eczema. This may not necessarily arise from food allergy.

50ml Tamanu Oil for your Animal

Fungal infections in animals manifest themselves primarily as skin complaints. Here we see bald patches, sometimes there is only talk of broken hairs. They are often round spots, but not necessarily. These spots are spreading slowly growing. There may be itching, but not necessarily. There may be present scabs or redness of the skin. Mainly the head and legs are preferred spots for the fungi, but soon they extend to the whole animal.

100ml Tamanu Oil for your Animal

Physical itch: itch either real

Here there is a physical condition causing real itch arises, similar to a mosquito bite us. This creates an inflammatory response in the skin that actually causes itching. There are many different causes of real itching.
Real itch was caused by disorders below.

1 liter Tamanu Oil for Animals

Flea allergy is the most common skin disorder in pets. It causes severe itching symptoms all over the body. Your pet certainly not all have to sit among the fleas to have an allergic reaction, some fleas are sufficient to exhibit these symptoms.