Tamanu-Europe Charities:

• Foundation Animal Fate in the Netherlands
• Animal Care
• Animal ambulances
• Employment
• Housing
• Education
• Medicine
• Necessity of life



1. Tamanu-Europe Responsibility : Islands in Oceania
Tamanu-Europe feels a responsibility to support the standard of living of these special people so that they at least earn enough money for life basics such as proper housing, education and medicine.
We take great pride in being able to offer everybody our exclusive range of exceptional organic skin care products, while also contributing to the company's goal of providing much needed livelihood opportunities and employment for disadvantaged locals. The country contains unique ingredients which is collected by hand, by local people and transported to the appropriate locations. This gives the local people a source of income that everyone supports through a the purchase of a
Tamanu-Europe product. We have more Charities, but every purchase of a Tamanu-Europe product directly assists Oceania island people in South Pacific to alleviate poverty. Your purchase of Tamanu-Europe's natural skin care products helps create livelihood opportunities for many locals connected to the operation of our Coconut Oil and Skin Care factory.


2. Tamanu-Europe supports the DierenLot Foundation.

Foundation DierenLot in the Netherlands stands for abused, injured, discarded and neglected animals.
This concerns home and companionship, stray and natural animals.
They do this in collaboration with and by supporting more than 300 local and regional
animal aid organizations where thousands of volunteers are actively involved in caring for the animals. This number grows every day due to your support.

But they also offer a solution for transport.
With almost 150 animal ambulances driving throughout the Netherlands
(loaned by Stichting DierenLot to the animal welfare organizations)
they are represented on the road throughout the Netherlands.
In addition, they work hard to improve the self-sufficiency of local and regional animal welfare organizations.

In all this they can use your support well.

Charity DierenLot wants to get more publicity in the Netherlands. You can easily help with that.
Tamanu in action for Dierenlot.