Pure Reines Tamanu-Öl wird auch in den Pflegeprodukten von Natural4Dogs verwendet.
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Natuurlijk4Dogs focuses on the animal. The owner herself is genetically suffered by asthmatic bronchitis and (contact) eczema, and because of existing products an additional allergy with all the consequences that entails, she has set herself the goal of making products only organic and natural. Her love for animals made her move to only look for solutions that you and I encounter every day at our four-legged friend.

Natuurlijk4Dogs  develops, produces, provides advice and training.

Natuurlijk4Dogs  only works with 100% natural ingredients. One of which is:
Tamanu oil.


Natuurlijk4Dogs products:

The benefits of Tamanu Oil are endless. We know that a wound or inflammation can occur quickly. For this Natuurlijk4Dogs has developed a complete set of skin care containing  Tamanu Oil:
• Liquid Shampoo
• Liquid Conditioner
• Coat spray
• Block Shampoo
• Block Conditioner
• Multi-oil
• Coat oil
• Ear care
• and even delicious dog perfume

Meer dan vachtverzorging

Natuurlijk4Dogs Offers:

Special advice and training for various skin problems, fur problems
Think of:
- Solutions for ear problems
- Flea solutions
- Solutions for felting, tangling,
coat change
- Solutions for eczema, scratching, allergy, wounds, biting
- Trimming solutions