Tamanu Oils

Good hair care remains important for many.
What is needed for good hair care?
It is not only the hair that attracts attention, the scalp is perhaps even more important.
Too aggressive shampoo can irritate the scalp,
or the need to wash the hair every day,
this vicious circle should be broken.

Tamanu & Oil's Shampoo with natural ingredients.

Tamanu & Oil's introduces a regenerative shampoo that contains the original Tamanu-Oil.
Paraben-free, with natural ingredients.
During development, we mainly looked to avoid harmful substances for the scalp and hair.
The PH value, which influences the condition of the scalp and hair, has become an important part during development.
A shampoo with a higher PH value can provide:
• more tangles
• dry hair
• dull hair
• porous hair
• color of dyed hair fades faster
• scalp irritation
• rose

A shampoo with a lower PH value, such as in Tamanu & Oil's Shampoo, contributes to:
• scalp more balanced
• natural hair shine
• less dry hair
• stronger hair

Most of us are familiar with gloriously foaming shampoo. The agent that makes the shampoo foam can:
- dry the hair more
- make the hair greasier
- tangling the hair
- and split ends may occur.

Tamanu & Oil's shampoo has kept foaming to a minimum, allowing us to concentrate more on vitamins and minerals, which has a positive effect on the scalp and hair. This will require a generous amount of shampoo during washing.
Repeat the wash if desired.


Shampoo Tamanu & Oil's (500ml