In today's world we see products with a list of names as ingredients of which we don't always immediately know if it's good for our skin, hair, body.
Claims are not always justified and are tolerated. What is good and what is not ?
What causes dry skin, red skin, rough skin, flaky skin with cracks.
The barrier function of the skin can be disturbed by hypersensitivity when absorbing certain substances. .
Every day, people become more and more conscious or concerned about substances/ingredients in food, drinking water, skin care products, hair care products.

We, at Tamanu & Oils, find it very important to thoroughly investigate the ingredients we use in skin- and/or hair care products.
Whe investigate the effects on long and short term, what are the effects on our skin, hair.
The researches that have been done are frequently and long term monitored.
Our starting point is to use ingredients from mother nature which can have a positive effect on the short and especially long term.

Beauty inside and out is not always self-evident.
What happens inside us ? We often notice it too late when something develops that doesn't belong in our system.
We cannot prevent everything, but preventive measures can probably support us in the fight against various diseases, wrong bacteria, viruses.


is traditionally used preventively to keep the immune system strong