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Damaged skin has an impaired barrier function.

Damaged skin has an impaired barrier function.
the skin can be affected by external factors irritants such as cold and
drought damage by burns, cuts, abrasions or puncture wounds.

The skin can be naturally brittle. That brittleness can lead to the formation of chaps on hands on lips, rash, inflammation, or gorges corner of the mouth to the lips.
Also, the damage may be the result of a dermatological procedure, such as the removal of a wart, a minor surgical procedure, laser treatment, peeling or aesthetic treatments.

Tamanu-Oil™ promotes the tissue formation and this is partly
why wounds heal much more rapidly.
The oil possesses antiviral and antibacterial activity.

The Melanesian people still uses Tamanu-Oil™ for:
• Suppurating wounds
• Cuts
• Abrasions
• Excoriation
• Anal fissures
• Minor burns
• Chilblains
• Skin chaps
• Dry skin
•  hair loss
•  sunburns
•  protection of the sun
•  rash
•  (acne) scars
•  dermatological skin problems
•  skin allergy 

Pure Tamanu-Oil™ can be applied directly on the damaged skin.
A few drops is sufficient.
Apply the pure Tamanu-Oil™ to the area with clean hands.

Tamanu-Oil™ activity was studied in numerous clinical cases.
Those healing, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties make
Tamanu-Oil™ an excellent raw material for cosmetics,
anti-aging of the skin, slows the aging of the skin, supports the repair capacity of the skin, cell protective.


Certified Tamanu Oil - 1liter

120 capsules

20% Alkylglycerol - Natural Immune stimulator

Tamanu oil : Skin and Hair