Tamanu is Natural

Antiviral, works against a virus or viruses



Tamanu-Oil possesses antiviral and antiviral properties according to many research.
Tamanu-Oil has been traditionally used as a local medicine. 

Science have found and investigate the following ingredients in Tamanu-Oil . 

  •    caloxanthone A
  •    calophynic acid
  •    brasiliensic acid
  •    inophylloidic acid
  •    calophyllolide
  •    inophyllum C and E

There has been written that above substances inhibit staphylococcus aureus.

What is staphylococcus aureus ?
A bacterium that is member of the firmicutes
and is frequently found in human respiratory tract and on the skin.
Disease-associated strains often promote infections
by producing potent protein toxins,
and expressing cell-surface proteins
that bind and inactivate antibodies.

Also examined;
That isolation of cells from C. inophyllum, inhibit Epstein-Barr (Herpes) virus.

An inhibitory effect is shown during an experiment on the skin of  with a tumour. This study was carried out in Japan by the Maijo University Faculty of Pharmacy.

Also various components of Calophyllum Inophyllum have been examined for antiviral activity. Inophyllums are considered novel nonnucleoside inhibitors of human immunodeficiency. (= Immunodeficiencies are disorders in which the immune system (immune system) is not functioning properly. This causes more severe infections and healing may take longer.)






































Tamanu oil : Antiviral