Tamanu soft Skin

Anti-aging, Contributes to vitality over the long term. But what is anti aging.
For some among us its the fine lines, others think its part of life.
Anti-aging contributes to a certain group's long-term vitality.
Anti-aging is not just the skin, we often do not see what makes us old. We never look on the inside, what damages the cells. Is it food, quality of air, nature ? 
Unfortunately we don't know what the effects are on the short term.
We often ask ourselves the question: What is good and what is not? Who gives the correct answer.

We started with our own research of ingredients from nature together with a team of scientists. We love to share our knowledge and make everyone care what they put on their skin and into their hair.

Anti-aging :  There are many anti-aging products on the market with hopeful promises.
The majority of them maybe contain chemicals, artificial preservatives
and synthetics that likely do more harm than good.

Tamanu-Oil™ is commonly used as an ingredient in the cosmetics industry,
think of products described as anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing,
rejuvenating, skin renewal, cell regenerative etc. The natural scents are
unfortunately masked with perfume or other fragrances.

Whether we like it or not, getting old is unavoidable. Hair and skin is changing
as we age. This is partly due to hormonal changes and harmful external influences
such as UV radiation from the sun.
Without natural biochemistry there would be no live and alteration possible.
That is why, the discovery of Tamanu-Oil™ is  a miracle for many that suffer from skin problems,or support with preventing skin problems and the ageing of the skin and hair. 

Tamanu-Oil™ is the most effective skin healing agent on Earth. The oil is 100% natural, chemical-free and 0% artificial additives.  The oil is is non-greasy and absorbed easily into the skin and hair. 
Tamanu-Oil™ has unique ability to protect healthy cells and skin tissue. The Tamanu Oil™ can infiltrate all three layers of skin. This penetrative capacity explains some of it's regenerative,
restructuring and hydrating effect.

For daily care use a few drops of pure Tamanu Oil™ .
If your skin feels drier in the beginning, it means the oil is doing its job. 
You can lower the dosage if you notice that the oil does not absorb
as quickly any more.

Tamanu oil : Anti-Aging