Almost everyone has a scar somewhere on the body.
Scars can have a negative effect on self-confidence.
Acne scars are scars on the skin that have arisen after acne.
These scars can occur especially in severe forms of acne.

Scars consist of so-called fibrotic connective tissue that occurs after 
destruction of the dermis (= hypodermis) located beneath the epidermis (= epidermis) is situated.

Possible reasons among others:
Injuries, burns, caustic chemicals, skin diseases

 Fore those of you who suffer from acne scars, Tamanu-Oil is very valued to be used for skin renewal.

Tamanu-Oil™ from Pacific.

 Cicatrisation is the formation of new tissue to speed healing.
Tamanu-Oil™ protects tissue formation and this is partly why
wounds heal much more rapidly.
Because Tamanu-Oil protects the growth of healthy skin
it has the ability to reduce scars.

The oil can infiltrate all three layers of skin, this penetrative capacity explains some of it's regenerative, restructuring and hydrating effect.

Tamanu-Oil research

In 2002 a study was published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, looking at the scar reducing capacity of Tamanu-Oil. 
This research involved subjects who had visible scars
that had been present for at least 12 months.  
Pure Tamanu-Oil was applied every day for a 9-week period,
the results are impressive.
There was a significant improvement in the visual appearance of the scars after 6 weeks and this continued through to the completion of the study.
The overall size of the scars consistently decreased throughout the study
with the length of the scars reduced by an average of 2.8 mm in length and the width of the scars reduced by 1.2 mm.

This tropical oil has been used for centuries as a natural
anti-inflammatory, antibiotic.
Research suggest it may have anti-aging effect on the skin
and can also aid in the caring reduction of age spots.
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