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Authentic Tamanu-Oil™ - more than an external skin care oil for animals

Tamanu-Oil is also a very special oil for the skin of our animals. If we talk about skin care people and humans are not that different. Both need skin care.
Of course there are differences in skin structure, but animals also need care.
Dogs and horses do tend to be somewhat more prone to injury! Dogs get into scrapes with other dogs. Horses seem to cut themselves on barb wire or other objects. Cats can develop a range of skin irritations for any number of reasons, including injury. Animals can also suffer from conditions akin to Rheumatism, post surgical wounds, scarring or a pulled muscle, a sprain or general inflammation. Fleas and bites commonly lead to itching and sores.
Tamanu-Oil and horses.
Horses are escape animals by nature: when danger threatens, they escape. This instinctive escape behavior is dangerous in our way of housing in stables and fenced pastures and an accident can occor quickly. In addition, we use horses in various circumstances where accidents can occur and injuries can occur. It is said that 80% of the horses somewhere in their life sustain at least one serious wound where we have to ask a veterinarian to come and check.

A wound on a horse can often become a bigger problem?
Horses simply have long legs where joints, nerves directly lies under the skin. These structures can easily be damaged if a wound occurs. Therefore, wounds to the legs are usually more dangerous than wounds to the torso.
Another problem is that horses heal relatively poorly: the horse is said to be the worst healing species on earth, together with humans! Horse wounds heal slowly, and often get complications such as a wound infection, wild meat, abnormal scars, etc.

Pure Tamanu-Oil ™ contains polyphenols, which appear to have an anti-inflammatory effect and have an anti-carcinogenic effect. Tamanu Oil ™ is most proven effective when it is undiluted.

While Tamanu-Oil has a supporting effect animals, dogs and cats you should take into account that animals have a strong tendency to lick their wounds. This is a natural process for cleaning their skin. The problem in this case is that Tamanu-Oil is not edible. Be careful with this.
Our advice: apply a small amount only to the affected area. Don't let your pet lick the Tamanu oil!

Like humans, animals can suffer from rheumatism, wounds, scars, pulled muscles, sprains or general inflammation. Animals tend to be slightly more prone to injury, or develop skin irritation. Tamanu-Oil ™ can contribute to recovery due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties.
Itching behind the ears, chest, abdomen, paws can be a kind of allergy in dogs and cats, which can cause a wound, inflammation, allergy.

The benefits of this 100% natural Tamanu Oil ™ are endless.
   √ wounds
   √ inflammation
   √ swelling
   √ skin infection
   √ ulcers
   √ dry skin
   √ itching
   √ bruised skin
   √ hair loss
   √ crusts
   √ redness
   √ joint pain
   √ healthy skin
   √ flea allergy

Pure Tamanu Oil ™ is the most effective skin repairing oil for external use according to many. Tamanu-Oil ™ is produced from fruits (nuts) from the Calophyllum inophyllum. The oil is 100% pure, natural, undiluted, free from chemicals and artificial additives. Pure Tamanu-Oil ™ contains polyphenols, these have anti-inflammatory properties and have an anti-carcinogenic effect. Tamanu Oil ™ is only proven to be effective when it is undiluted. Undiluted Tamanu-Oil ™ contains antibacterial and antiviral properties, it also promotes the formation of new tissue and cell healing.

Authentic Tamanu oil - skin care oil for animals