Why Tamanu-Oil

tamanu olie tree

In our research institute we stand behind ingredients that are traditionally proven effective. Where people, animals and nature are at the centre of everything.  The harvesting of the nuts and the subsequent cold pressing into Tamanu-Oil  is a sustainable source of income for the Oceania island people in a largely non-cash economy and therefore fully support schooling, basic necessities such as life and medical care.
Every purchase of a Tamanu-Europe product directly assists Oceania island people in South Pacific to alleviate poverty.

Our mission :
we all want to age healthy. Why not with the support of ingredients from nature . Nature offer us so much more. Our products are not recognize as jus a beauty product. The power of nature is often underestimated and that is precisely the challenge where it starts with us.
Tamanu-Europe offers the original Tamanu-Oil. Several reports from our institute shown the worldwide differences of Tamanu-Oil in todays market. Only the original Tamanu-Oil contains natural antioxidants and antimicrobial activities .

We stand behind 100% natural, Fair Trade-products that are effective for the skin and hair which are proven effective. We deliver our products to the cosmetic industry, dermatologists, Wellness resorts, animal healthcare.

Tamanu-Oil™ is one of the few natural authentic care products that contains natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. 
    It is effective, absorbs quickly, does not make the skin greasy and is also suitable for different skin types:
    √ Normal skin √ Dry skin √ Oily skin √ Combination skin

Wy should Tamanu-Oil™ benefits you ?

Why not. Even without skin problems, This oil is ideal for daily use. It moisture your skin as well.

Many active ingredients are found in pure Tamanu-Oil™ that explain why Tamanu-Oil™ works so well for skin problems and seems to be good for the healing of wounds. One of the components is Calophyllolide, what appears to be anti-inflammatory. Other elements of the oil appears to work antibacterial. The oil is also rich in oil and linolenic acids, which moisturize and soften skin, but does not make your skin oily.
We have also investigated other constituents of TamanuOil, which appear to have an antibacterial effect. It is not a surprise that this oil has traditionally been used for various skin problems, such as eczema, acne (scars), wounds, diaper rash. UV protection, mosquito bumps, muscles. Tamanu-Oil ™ does not make the skin greasy and you only need a few drops daily care.

Every day people are becoming more aware and more concerned about substances / ingredients in skin and hair care products.
Tamanu-Oil ™ is NOT diluted, 100% natural, pure, without chemicals and artificial additives.
► Tamanu-Oil ™ does NOT grease the skin.

Together with scientists we research ingredients that are effective on long-term. Our team of scientists are affiliated with various institutes and countries. We offer specialized services with formula development.

Our research has shown that Tamanu-Oil contains the following natural ingredients:
Oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids.

The original Tamanu-Oil™ contains the following ingredients and has a supporting capacity:

LINOLEIC ACIDS (OMEGA-6) are known to: anti-inflammatory properties, Soothe acne and reduce chances of future outbreaks, Promote moisture retention in skin and hair, Moisturise hair and promote its growth, effective emulsifier, Help slow the look of aging by sustaining skin elasticity, softness

PALMITIC ACID are know to: Soften hair, does not leave a greasy or sticky residue behind, emollient properties

OLEIC ACIDS (OMEGA-9) are known to: supports wound healing, moisturise hair and promote hair growth, great emulsifier,  Promote moisture retention in skin and hair, Soothe acne, reduce chances of future acne outbreaks, anti-inflammatory properties

STEARIC ACID are know as: cleansing properties which eliminate dirt, excess sebum from hair and skin and sweat, ideal emulsifying agent that binds water and oil, soften skin, condition hair, protect hair from damage

Tamanu-Oil™ Advantages

Tamanu-Oil traditionally used medicinally for acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis,

scars, ulcers, dryness, itching, scaly skin, body odor, fungal infections, skin rash, ulcers, swelling, age spots, sunburn, stretch marks, cellulite, sciatica, rosacea, foot odor, rheumatism, shingles, athlete's foot, cuts, sores, boils, insect bites and stings, severe burns, neuralgia, gout and dermatophytosis that can occur in the beard or scalp.

The powerful therapeutic properties make Tamanu-Oil ideal for use in natural remedies that also have pain in the throat through massage or aromatherapy.


Tamanu-Europe Tamanu-Oil™ distinguish

Did you know that a large number of chemical components used in cosmetics and skin care products have never been tested for potential damage on long term. That is worrying. In our research institute we have tested various Tamanu-Oil ™ variants, from various countries.
The original Tamanu-Oil ™ which is not diluted has its origin Oceania islands.

► But what makes this oil so special?

Our research team has done various tests, and the results are there. Tamanu-Oil ™ contains natural anti-inflammatory substances, antioxidants.
Tamanu-Oil does NOT grease the skin. It makes the skin drier and is effective on scars and wounds.

In today's world we see products that contain chemicals, artificial additives, the question of whether they are healthy. The barrier function of the skin can be disturbed, making it more sensitive to the absorption of, for example, chemicals. With repeated skin contact, the skin can become dry, red, rough and flaky, leaving small gaps. It is almost impossible to ban all products. But what we could do is replace the number of daily products with products with non-harmful ingredients. Just take a look in your bathroom.

Tamanu-Oil ™ is seen by many as the green gold from nature, the miracle oil.
And we cannot agree more. Many claim to own the original Tamanu-Oil ™.
There are many (mostly diluted) types of Tamanu-Oil that does not have the healing properties as the oil from the Pacific.
Tamanu-Oil ™ from the Pacific contains active substances that are extremely powerful for the skin and hair.
In the research laboratory, each batch is analysed for purity by means of a
Gas Chromatography mass spectrometry and provided with an analysis certificate.

The oil is 100% natural, free from chemicals and 0% artificial additives. Pure Tamanu-Oil ™ contains polyphenols, these have anti-inflammatory properties and have an anti-carcinogenic effect.

Just be careful when purchasing Tamanu-Oil ™ and request a certificate of analysis and ask for the origin.

Tamanu-Europe Tamanu-Oil™ Unique

► Tamanu-Oil ™ is one of the few natural authentic care products that contains natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances.
It is effective, absorbs quickly, does not make the skin greasy.
► The natural ingredients are analysed in-house in collaboration with scientists.
► When you buy our products for personal care, you are sure the its a fair product.
► There is a very small stock of Tamanu-Oil ™ in the world because it can only be obtained in such a small area, which makes Tamanu-Oil ™ unique, together with the extremely high quality requirements, this is the reason why prices of our authentic ingredients are high on the market.
► The Tamanu-Tree is indigenous to the tropical islands in the Pacific. It also grows in countries such as Guam, Hawaii, Thailand, Malaysia and even Vietnam. However, care needs to be done here as the quality of the oil can often leave much to be desired.
 - It is very much "you get what you pay for". -

Tamanu-Oil ™ (scientific name is Calophyllum Inophyllum) is a multi-dimensional, traditional Melanesian skin care product and has been used for centuries in the Pacific. Tamanu-Oil ™ is perhaps the best natural skin care product there for maintaining healthy skin.
Because of the natural antiviral and antibacterial substances, this authentic oil is traditionally used for acne scars, damaged skin, inflammation, eczema, winter hands, muscle aches, dry skin, UV protection, and more.
Our pure, undiluted Tamanu-Oil ™ is added in anti-aging cosmetics.
A few drops of pure Tamanu-Oil ™ is sufficient for daily care.

Hopefully you will also benefit from our products.

Tamanu oil : Natural Care