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Our appearance is not only skin, but also our hair.

Dry, damaged hair

Dry hair breaks easily. Too much influences from the outside, too many influences from the inside and outside that causes damaged hair, dry hair.

Dry hair can be caused by a too low production of sebum, a damaged hair structure, or hair damaged by influences of temperature. Age also can play an important role. Many of the causes of dry hair can be influenced.
Try to avoid shampoos and conditioners without harmful substances. But how should we all know what is harmfull on long term ?

Taking care of dry hair, prevent new damage, avoid products which contain alcohol.
Tamanu-Oil™ is caring
•  stimulates reduced hair growth
•  nourishes the scalp
•  stimulates the condition of hair
•  moisturises the scalp
•  prevent hair loss
•  gives shine to the hair 
•  protects your hair from the sun
•  protects your hair from harsh weather
•  helps in repairing damaged hair and scalp

Tamanu-Oil™ is very appreciated to keeps the hair and scalp healthy, the oil stimulates in the repair of damaged hair and scalp.

Tamanu-Oil™ can be applied on both dry and wet hair. Apply a small amount into your hands and gently massage
onto your hair and scalp.
Extreme dry hair: Gently massage an extra amount Tamanu-Oil™ into the hair ends for dry damaged hair.



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Tamanu oil : Skin and Hair