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► When you for example buy our Authentic Tamanu-Oil™ , you can be sure that it is 100% pure Tamanu-Oil™ .
The oil is not diluted and contains no additives. Various studies have been done into different types of Tamanu Trees and fruits worldwide. Only the original Tamanu-Oil contains natural antioxidants and antimicrobial activities.

► The production of Tamanu-Oil™ helps improve the livelihoods and standard of living of poor villages in the outer island of Oceania. The harvesting and collection of Tamanu-Nuts involves thousands of indigenous from many different villages. There is a very small stock Tamanu-Oil™ in the world because it can be obtained only in such a small area.

This tropical oil has been used for centuries as a natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic.

Traditionally the oil is used for acne scarring, treatment of psoriasis, eczema, skin, hair, as an anti-aging product or as an ingredient in cosmetic products, the oil is also used for sunburns, wounds and more.

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We offer specialize services with formula development .
We work together with scientists with our research centre to run a variety of tests. 























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