Hand-Made Soap

HandMade Soap

Real Hand-Made Soap
Coconut Soaps , Tamanu Soaps, Frangipani Sopas, Coconut exfoliating Body Scrubs are all made using our beautiful Virgin Coconut Oil and real volcanic ash or pumice.

Most of us do not realise that bath and body coconut oil soaps are made from copra oil and not Virgin Coconut Oil.
How could we even know. Copra oil has little or no real skin care, the same with mass-produced soap.

Copra is busted up coconut shells with the flesh still inside. Sadly, these are usually thrown into old sugar bags and left. Mold can occur easily. Over time they are put threw a press or otherwise. This is usually weeks later and by then the copra oil that is produced has no aroma and has lost virtually all of the goodness that true Virgin Coconut Oil is known for.

Not so with Tamanu-Europe.
Our handmade soaps are made from high grade Virgin Coconut Oil cold pressed within 1 - 3 hours of cracking open the coconut (referred to as the DME or Direct Micro Expelling method). As a result, each batch of oil is virgin, rich in antioxidants and chemical-free.
• Each batch retains its rich antioxidants.
• Fragrance is retained during this process
• Shells are used for fuel
Tamanu-Europe coconut oil is therefore one of the best coconut oil on the planet, at least we think so!


Handmade Soap with Tamanu Oil - Face

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Handmade Soap Coconut oil

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Handmade Soap Volcanic Ash - soft scrub

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Handmade Soap Tamanu Oil


Handmade Foot Scrub - Real Volcanic Ash

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Handmade Soap Frangipani


Pure Coconutoil - 1 Liter


Coconut Oil - 200ml


Certified Tamanu Oil - 1liter