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Extremely rare; natural products which have been proven effective for skin and hair. There is a very small stock Tamanu-Oil™ in the world because it can be obtained only in such a small area.
Tamanu-Oil™ supports the skin and hair, humans and animals.
There is a very small stock pure Tamanu Oil™ in the world because it can only be obtained  in such a small area, together with the high quality explains the high price of these authentic ingredients, which are highly regarded in the market.
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The original pure Tamanu-Oil   DME processed Coconut Oil   Volcanic Ash from one of the most active volcano world-wide.
Our pure authentic ingredients are delivered to the cosmetics industry, aesthetic dermatology clinics, Wellness industry, veterinary clinics.
In addition, we developed a complete body and facial skin care based on the mentioned basic ingredients. Suitable  for men, women (even the barbers products).

√ Tamanu-Oil ™ is one of the authentic ingredients and purely the most effective; One of the components is Calophyllolide, which appears to be anti-inflammatory. Other components of the oil appear to be antibacterial, traditionally used for eczema, acne (scars), wounds, diaper rash, UV protection, mosquito bumps, muscles and more. A few drops of this oil is enough for daily care. Tamanu-Europe owns the original Tamanu-Oil. Various studies have been done on different types of Tamanu trees and Tamanu fruits worldwide. The extreme differences are there. Only the original Tamanu-Oil naturally contains antioxidants and antimicrobial activities.
Tamanu-Europe Scrubs are composed of a particularly active ingredient
√ Volcanic Ash - This ash is obtained in a special way, land rights are still active on this solid ground. 
Because of its special composition, Tamanu-Europe products are suitable for skin types: normal, dry, oily and combination skin.
√ Every purchase of a Tamanu-Europe product directly helps people on the islands in Oceania to alleviate poverty.
√ Tamanu-Europe works with natural products, it can happen that the color / odor varies slightly per batch.
The process of the recipe and effect is maintained. Authenticity and purity is maintained throughout the entire process.
All ingredients are subjected to a strict quality control and tested by means of GCMS and provided with a COA.


Anti-Inflammatory Tamanu-Oil 15ml


Anti-Inflammatory Tamanu-Oil 50ml


Anti-Inflammatory Tamanu-Oil 100ml


Anti-Inflammatory Tamanu-Oil 1 Liter


Facial Cleanser


Facial Moisturiser - Day-crème


Perfect Night Cream


Hand Scrub with Frangipani


Hand Moisturiser - Frangipani (bodylotion)


Foot Scrub with Volcanic Ash


Feet Cream for irritated feet (bodylotion)

120 capsules

20% Alkylglycerol - Natural Immune stimulator


Barbers Hair tincture


Barbers Facial Moisturiser with Tamanu


Barbers Aftershave Splash - no alcohol


Shampoo Tamanu & Oil's (500ml


Hand Moisturiser - 1 Liter


Foot Cream - 1 Liter


Facial Toner - 1 Liter


Facial Moisturiser - 1 L