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Tamanu-Europe products available in large volumes for your own Salons, Spa & Wellness, etc.

Why are Tamanu-Europe products special and different form all the rest ? Each business is unique.
For many years we focused on ingredients from nature that are proven effective for centuries. The story behind each product and ingredient is unique. The location is breathtaking. Earthquakes are often registered, or plantations are destroyed by nature. After a few months everything blossoms again due to the volcanic soil. Very unique. The people and the way they deal with this is indescribable. That is why we believe that our products go beyond presenting a beauty product.
It is so much more. If you need a unique product for your salon, or want to use the pure ingredients, we are happy to support that. Ask for the possibilities.
    Normal skin Dry skin Oily Skin Combination Skin

- 100% pure Tamanu-Oil
- 100% pure Coconut-Oil
- Clay Mask with pure Tamanu Oil
- Exfoliant with pure Tamanu Oil, Volcanic Ash
- Facial Cleanser with pure Tamanu Oil
- Facial Toner with pure Tamanu Oil
- Facial Moisturiser with pure Tamanu Oil
- Facial Night Cream with pure Tamanu Oil
- Hand Moisturiser with pure Frangipani
- Hand Scrub with pure Volkanic Ash
- Foot Crème with pure peppermint Oil
- Foot Scrub with pure Volcanic Ash


Facial Toner - 1 Liter


Facial Moisturiser - 1 L


Hand Moisturiser - 1 Liter


Foot Cream - 1 Liter