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Tamanu-Oil is perfect for the skin of babies and young children.
A baby or a young child can get different types of skin problems;
Skin rash - How annoying is this.

• Red bumps
• Diaper rash
- This is a common skin problem with babies. The tender skin of the but becomes irritated and gets a red color because it gets in contact with urine and stools.
• Scaly skin
• Scaly spots on the skin
• skin rash
- on the chin and cheeks that are caused by the fact that your baby's skin comes into contact with nutrition.
• Infants acne
- About one third of all babies suffer from acne, possibly due to hypersensitivity to certain hormones in their own body.
This type of acne is mostly visible in the face of the baby.
• Heat rash
- This is a rash that consists of red bumps that appear in the neck and top of the back.

Tamanu-Oil ™ is applied directly onto the skin and is supporting to various skin problems and skin conditions such as inflammation, dry skin, wounds, acne scars, damaged skin.

Using Tamanu-Oil ™ calms and balances your skin and gives your skin a natural gloss.
(No greasy layer).


Anti-Inflammatory Tamanu-Oil 15ml


Anti-Inflammatory Tamanu-Oil 50ml


Anti-Inflammatory Tamanu-Oil 100ml


Anti-Inflammatory Tamanu-Oil 1 Liter