Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a skin condition that manifests itself as skin irritation / skin inflammation.
It can also give an allergic reaction to the skin. Both are accompanied by redness and itching. In case of contact, irritation is triggered by an external substance, which causes a certain inflammation. The immune system in the skin is activated by touching a particular substance that you can not resist. We call it allergens.
Often we do not know why this happens, we touch things maybe hundreds of times every day.
Or we do not always know what is being processed in food or skincare products.
It may be a perfume allergy, food allergy, reaction to proteins, cut flowers, acrylic nail stylists, as well as nickel which is processed in buttons, earrings or even glasses.

It is important to find out what causes this eczema and stop with using this substance.
However, in real life we first need to convince the medical world to carry out tests.

In our research institute we have investigated some people with contact eczema,
The eczema does not disappear when you stay in contact with the substance for which you are allergic.
However, in our research we see that further inflammation is not continued through the use of pure Tamanu Oil.