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A skin burn is a type of injury caused by heat.
A burned skin or tissue usually occurs above 42°C .
The skin is damaged for a certain period.
Extreme cold, like nitrogen, can cause burns as well.
But also chemicals (kind of corrosive substance) can cause burned skin.
Tamanu-Oil traditionally been used in burned skin, where the skin turns red or swells and feels pain. Inflammatory symptoms can already occur and Tamanu-Oil was dripped directly onto the affected skin. Study (described on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website) was conducted to evaluate the cytotoxicity, wound healing and antibacterial properties of five Calophyllum Inophyllum traditionally used to treat infected wounds throughout Oceania. It turned out to be from the same kind of Tamanu Tree. With the help of human cell and bacterial cultures, we have emphasized the pharmacological effects of CIO, presented as a wound healing and antimicrobial agent. They observed differences in the pharmacological activities of the CIO tested, depending on their origin and probably their variable composition. They have shown that the concentration of CIO needed to show therapeutic effects is lower than concentrations that show cytotoxic effects that support CIO in vitro for their safe topical use in infected wounds and skin diseases such as acne. For the first time, this study provides support for the traditional use of CIO in the wound healing process, particularly for infected wounds.