Dry Skin

We can call Tamanu-Oil as superfood for the skin however,
not edible but easily absorbed and supports if you suffer from eczema, acne, dry skin.
A dry skin is often a sign that something is not right in your body.
The skin responds to both inside and outside fabrics. And this can be anything.
The search to find out what causes dry skin can be long search.
Dry skin is often a shortage of water in the horn layer, with all kinds of factors contributing the low humidity, excessive use of harmful substances in skin care products, hair care products, unilateral nutrition, use of certain medication.
Often when your skin is treated, they advise a greasy cream or ointment.
We recommend a combination of DME processed Coconut Oil and Tamanu Oil.
If you do not want to combine 2 products yourself, we recommend our natural facial moisturiser in combination with the facial night cream.