Eczema Head

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Eczema on the head is mostly a mild dermatitis. Dermatitis is a skin disorder affecting the scalp, face, and torso. Typically, dermatitis presents with scaly, flaky, itchy, and red skin. Symptoms appear gradually and usually the first signs are flaky skin and scalp. Redness and flaking may also occur on the skin near the eyelashes, on the forehead, around the sides of the nose, and the chest and upper back. Genetic, environmental, hormonal, and immune-system factors have been shown to be involved in the manifestation of dermatitis. A number of medications are able to control dermatitis, but how harmful are they for our inner side.

For some people it helps to apply few drops of pure Tamanu-Oil directly onto the affected skin.
In our tests, the results are positive - but not all type of eczema is the same.
Preferably in the evening, rub a few drops of Tamanu-Oil into your hands and massage your scalp.
Massage it into your hair as well. Do not overdone it. Just a few drops is sufficient.