Skin cracks

Gaps or skin fissures occur everywhere in the skin, at the labia, fingers, anus.
The skin can be seriously itchy and get flaky. The skin is then lightly cracked.
Skin crack quickly occur when allergens are used, or due to friction.
The natural fat balance of the skin is thereby disturbed.

Our range includes the pure Tamanu-Oil with natural antibacterial properties.
Also try the coconut oil exclusive produced by the DME process.
During this process, the natural properties of coconut are preserved.
Especially for the skin of our hands and feet we have developed a sensitive Hand Moisturiser Frangipani.
The Frangipani also gives a calming effect.
Organic Frangipani in a well-studied massage mix to treat skin sensitivity, regenerates rest and balance, supported by skin cell renewal, depression, fatigue, muscle aches, stress, insomnia. Therapeutic properties described in the aromatherapy literature