Itching, the caterpillar and Tamanu

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Itchy Skin:
If your skin is out of balance or damaged, it is important that you get the right care for your skin.
In case of itching we actually want to scratch immediately - Scratching has traditionally been regarded as a way to relieve oneself by reducing the annoying itch sensation
Also in this form of skin condition, there are numerous symptoms and solutions.
From our experience, it is important to treat your skin well and avoid harmful ingredients in skin care cosmetics like parabens, artificial perfumes, chemicals such as propylene glycol.
These types of ingredients are much cheaper than natural alternatives.
And we still do not know the effects of every ingredients on the long-term.

Everyone can get an irregular skin or an allergic reaction.
Try to find out what caused this. Every year the caterpillar comes around the corner, some have used our oil for skin relief and repair. All are very satisfied with that. No thorough research have been made if the hairs of a caterpillar benefits from Tamanu-Oil, or if the hair of the caterpillar will become inactive.

In our product range you will find natural products.
The process remains authentic and every batch is checked for purity.
Each ingredient has been tested individually to prevent hypersensitivity or any form of skin irritation.
The natural skin care line is composed on the basis of 3 unique ingredients.
Tamanu-Oil, Coconut-Oil and Volcanic-Ash.