Hairdresser eczema

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Hairdressers have a relatively high chance of developing eczema complaints. They use their hands all day long, get in touch with water and irritants and they use products which can trigger allergic reactions. Hairdresser eczema, is a form of contact eczema whose name is linked to their profession.
Hairdressing Sector, Bakery Sector etc.
Initially, this form of eczema is not contagious, but if the skin is not treated properly, bacteria may infect the skin.
Wounds with pus can occur.

From our experience, this form of eczema is treated preventively with the original pure Tamanu-Oil.
Tamanu-Oil contains naturally antioxidants and antimicrobial activities.
One of the ingredients in the pure authentic Tamanu-Oil is calophyllolide.
Calophyllolide appears to be anti-inflammatory.
We also examined other ingredients of Tamanu-Oil, which appear to be antibacterial.