Mosquito bite

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Mosquito bite.
Who has not been bitten by a mosquito. After the bite, the skin gets red and swollen, the swelling sometimes disappears after a few hours, or the next day. It is still extremely difficult not scratching the effected area.
Most commercial insecticides contain a chemical and must be used with caution, or not at all.
Mosquitoes is attracted to a number of chemicals which they can detect from a distance.
Only the females are interested in our blood, which they need to produce their eggs.
We know that the mosquitoes are attracted to the following:
Bacteria: a billion microbes live on your skin and emit a body odor.
Some of us have a collection of microbes that are particularly irresistible for mosquitoes.

Using pure Tamanu-Oil on the skin keeps the mosquito from a distance (own experience), they do not touch the skin that quickly. But it still depend on the collection of microbes you have on your skin that could still be irresistible for mosquitoes.
As soon as you notice that the mosquito bite you we advice to use a drop pure Tamanu-Oil directly onto the effected area.
Use it several times if the oil is absorbed. The red hump, we call it a kind of allergy to mosquito bites, will be completely or partially disappeared the following day. Try not to touch or scratch the effected area.