Flea bites

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Even people can be bit by fleas.
We normally do not feel the flea bite that intense. The flea injects the saliva in the wound to prevent the blood keeps running. Than the flea bites becomes red itchy bumps. How can we distinguish a flea bite from a mosquito bite: flea bites often shows often shown in small groups on the legs or beneath the belt. Fleas bite people around the ankles or at least in the lower parts of the legs. Mosquito bites are more spread on the body.
Cat fleas are the most common flea when we do not vacuum cleaning during holiday periods.

It is possible to develop an allergy after a flea bite, or get infections where the flea has bitten. 
From centuries people use the authentic Tamanu-Oil if the skin gets infected or feeling itchy.
In these cases only a few drops is sufficient.

Tamanu Oil and animals
If we talk about skin care, Humans and animals are not all that different.
Tamanu-Oil skin benefits seem to be endless so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that its amazing skin healing power works wonders on animals such as horses, dogs and even cats although care needs to be taken that they do not ingest it.