Foot problems

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Foot problems.
It we talk about foot problems, we talk about common skin disorders. Our feet carry a lot during the day.
Not only weight, but also heat, cold, irritation, infections. Smelly feet, sweaty feet, scaly skin under the feet. 
Taking care of your feet preventive is a good start.
Our basic ingredient for Foot Cream and Foot Srub is peppermint oil.
Peppermint oil helps to relieve skin irritation, itchiness, skin redness.
Soothe tired feed and increase circulation. Hydrates, nourishes, restores your feet to a youthful appearance.
Gives the skin a subtle scent of Peppermint

Effect of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a very useful essential oil with antimicrobial properties.
√ Cleans intensively, softens and moisturises the skin
√ Promotes healing, and supports the preservation of the natural balance of the skin
√ Stimulates circulation
√ Take the stress out of PMT, menopause, muscle tension and cramps
√ Protecting against harmful elements
√ Refreshing and cool
√ AND all without preservatives, chemicals or artificial colors!