Foot warts

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Common skin conditions on feet are Foot Warts.
Typically small, rough, hard growths that are similar in color to the rest of the skin
Warts may occur due to an attenuated immune system.
The virus can work in a healthy body for a long time and develop warts without responding to our defense mechanism.

In our research centre we have carried out a number of people for a number of days with a plaster containing a large amount of Tamanu-Oil. The result after a few days is there, the wart becomes smaller in our test panel.
Repeat the process several times a day or at least 1x per day.
Do not forget that the plaster must be oil resistance, to prevent the oil from getting into clothing.

Water warts:
Water warts occur mainly behind the knee or on your hands and feet.
Often in places where it is heavily loaded. Do not scratch in any way. When the warts opens themselves or by scratching, the virus-containing contagious content is released. Water-warts can be transferred via toys, swimming pools. Important is to clean and keep everything clean in all time.
In this case it is necessary to stick a plaster over inflamed water-warts and leave it for a few days to limit distribution.
Make sure that the plaster contains a certain amount of Tamanu-Oil to reduce inflammation.
Replace the plaster regularly with some fresh drops of Tamanu-Oil.
Consult in all times with your doctor.