Sun allergy

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Sun allergy is caused by sunlight with symptoms like redness, often painful skin rash.
But also itchy blisters, swelling of the skin.
Sun allergy usually occurs 24 to 48 hours after we are exposed to sunlight.
Sometimes it may take longer before allergy is visible.
Often treatment is not necessary, the result may disappear spontaneously.

If the skin becomes itchy, Tamanu-Oil can be applied to the skin - preventive.
A few drops is sufficient to cover the effective skin.

In some cases you may be allergic to UVA radiation.

Skin cell damage:
Each time the skin burns, skin cells are damaged by UV radiation. When it occurs with children it is twice as hard when their skin get damaged. Their skin cells are extra vulnerable. In addition, they are in growth: cell division goes so fast that sometimes there is too little time to recover all damaged skin cells before they resume sharing. Scars can occur when the skin is not healing properly and children carry these scars for a long time. This is not shown on the outside, because damaged cells are deeply located in the skin. Be careful and provide adequate protection for children.