Tamanu Oil in Pharmacy - 50ml

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100%, Pure Certified Organic Tamanu Oil 50ml

Tamanu Oil From Volcanic Earth Europe is centuries used for Nails, Anti Aging, Acne And Problem Skin Care based on the skin rejuvenation qualities of Virgin Coconut Oil and the skin Healing Properties of Pure  Tamanu Oil.

All Volcanic Earth, Tamanu Oil is eco-friendly, vegan friendly wild-harvested and 100% pure certified organic Tamanu Oil -as seen on the Dr Oz Show. Get 100% pure, unrefined (raw) Tamanu Oil straight from Volcanic Earth in Europe - Order now!

Cold weather dries out your skin more because of low humidity levels both outside and inside the home. Cold, dry air causes moisture to evaporate from your skin. This can come from the weather outside and from the central heating inside.

100%, Pure Certified Organic Tamanu Oil 

After this long hot summer and wearing sandals so much the skin on my heals was quite unsightly and with cracks and fissures. A friend recommended Tamanu Olie and I was amazed by two thingsā€¦..how quickly I could see improvement and secondly how very little of the olie I needed to work into the areas. The change to the dry and cracking skin is wonderful and already feeling much smoother after just 5 days. Thank you so much!
Cheryl S Lancashire


When I bought my first bottle of Tamanu Oil I must say I was a little skeptical! But as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating and I have certainly seen proof of the change in my skin. I was having a challenge with eczema which seemed to be as a result of stress, but whatever the cause Tamanu Oil has sorted it out. The bonus has been that I have noticed an improvement in my nails too, I think just from the effect of the oil as I have been applying the oil to the skin on my arms. Now I have started rubbing a tiny amount into my nails and around my cuticles and they are growing as they never have before. 100% success for me!

Elizabeth D. Lincolnshire


My son and I both suffer from Acne. We where very sceptical as an oil is normaly not good for the skin when you suffer from acne. After few days I already notice a difference. Very glad to got in contact with you. My son is not using it as he does not like the odor, but he is still young and will come around. If than I will inform you.
regards, Berry Groover