Tamanu Oil in Pharmacy - 1Liter

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How is Tamanu Oil obtained?

Throughout this website we emphasis that Tamanu Oil is obtained from the islands of the South Pacific,, but also other Melanesian countries such as Hawaii and other countries with a tropical climate including Vietnam and Thailand. Flowering twice yearly, the round fruits hang in clusters and are gathered by the local inhabitants, cured naturally over six to eight weeks and then the kernel, or nut, is cold pressed producing a rich, green yellow/gold coloured oil which is rich and luxurious.

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Tamanu Oil is effective for a number of skin complaints

Tamanu Oil is the natural treatment which proves highly effective for acne and the scarring from previous outbreaks, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections of the toenails, stretch marks, age spots, skin rashes, general scars, dermatitis through to anti-aging benefits and remarkably it is also great for oily skin. Tamanu Oil can be used as a treatment that can be put onto the skin in its pure form to give you the smooth skin that you desire – free from blemishes and soft to touch. Its regenerative properties are also beneficial for nails and for hair loss.

It is best to avoid the dark, almost black Tamanu Oil which can be purchased elsewhere, or indeed the neon yellow oil, these are highly inferior, some adulterated with carrier oils, processed using a chemical filtering system or not pressed by the cold pressing method. Some oils are particularly poor in quality. Hot pressing is positively destructive of the nutrients within the oil, lessening the potent anti-aging and antioxidant properties of the authentic oil. Paying a little more for the genuine Tamanu Oil will prove its worth very quickly, as it is the only one that will immediately begin to help prevent and heal over acnes, psoriasis and fight the free radicals in the air. Be sure of what you buy by only purchasing organic Tamanu Oil from Volcanic Earth Europe.