Sandalwood Oil (15ml)

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Sandalwood natural calming and cooling properties

Sandalwood origin India | € 3,40/ml
Sandalwood carries anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-proliferation properties.
It supports a variety of troubled skin, hair-loss and slow growing hair.
The scence together with the oil makes a unique combination.

As the oil is extreme rare and extreme expensive. After the age of seven to eight years, the heartwood of a sandalwood tree grows by 1 kg every year. The oil is normally offered per kg and has a high market value. Our Sandalwood Essential Oil Origin is India.

We offer package sizes: 1kg, 5kg, 25kg, 200kg

Sandalwood Essential Oil is suitable for cosmetic application. It is not included in the list of substances prohibited in cosmetic products. Neither does it contain parabens, restricted preservatives, colorants or UV filters (Annex II - VI of EU Regulation 1223/2009).

Sandalwood free of

Sandalwood free of Parabenes
Sandalwood free of Alcohol
Sandalwood free of SVHC and any impurities
Sandalwood free of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids

Product Name: Sandalwood Indian Essential Oil
INCI Name: Santalum Album Wood Oil
Origin: India
Color: Yellow | Golden
Storage: Store in cool dry place away from heat and sunlight
Information: • Not edible
• Always test a small piece of skin and wait at least 24 hours
• Mix with cream, oil.
• We do not advise using lavender oil directly onto the skin, 
  without consulting a qualified aromatherapist.