Tamanu Oil & Coconut - 1 Liter

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Tamanu Europe presents Tamanu Seed Oil, Cold Pressed.

Please Note:
•  This oil is different in color due to its origin, than the oil that is offered in our SHOP.
•  The difference is only the color and smell.
•  Brand: Tamanu & Oil's

Tamanu Oil & Coconut -

This south pacific gem has been used for centuries however has recently made a significant come back to
the western world of cosmetics; and for good reason. Nuts from the Ati tree are wild harvested, then left in the sunshine to dry for weeks then cold pressed for their oil. The oil itself support on the skin & hair, predominantly acting as a Antioxidant, Anti-bacterial (Lactone) & Anti-inflammatory (Calophyllolide & Coumarins) agent and carrying a wealth of Calophyllic acid. There is not really a part of the body it is not supportive. The oil carries a light pleasant, nutty aroma and is a rich, dark green oil (specifically sun-dried material). We strongly recommend applying this material directly to the skin but also applying into hair care formulations.

Tamanu-Europe coconut oil against impure skin (acne and pimples)

To treat your sensitive skin and impure skin you can use coconut oil to support the healing of your skin. For common skin conditions we advice Tamanu-Oil as well, 1 drop sufficient for daily care.

Tamanu-Europe coconut oil against wrinkles
Wrinkles are often seen in dry skin, coconut oil has a moisturizing effect.
Tamanu-Europe coconut oil against eczema and psoriasis
Eczema (atopic dermatitis), (atopic dermatitis) is a chronic, non-infectious skin disease.

Tamanu-Europe coconut oil for dry skin and hair
Pure coconut oil has different minerals which is a natural ingredient in coconut oil which support the strength of your hair and make it less dry. Coconut oil support to repair the hair structure.