Frangipani Fragant Essential Oil (15ml)

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Frangipani is a common ingredient in many scented products like soaps, massage oils.
The flowers of the plant are still considered sacred in certain tropical countries such as Bali and India, where they are used in religious.


Some of the benefits mentioned are:

- Skin benefits: moisturize skin in massage therapy.
  The oil keeps the skin soft and is useful for dry and cracked skin.

- Headache relief
Those who have serious problems with headaches may find this essential oil useful.
Frangipani essential oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help treat extreme headaches and other pains such as muscle pain and back pain.

- Decreases stress
Frangipani essential oil helps to lower stress in the body and also restores calmness.
It has a calming effect that ensures healthy sleep.
It calms the mind and provides relief from stress.

Name: Frangipani fragant Oil
Inci: Frangipani, Plumeria
Color: Colourless – Pale yellowisch
Function: Effective reduce stress, headache, muscle pain
Storage: Store in cool dry place away from heat and sunlight
Information: • Not edible
• Always test a small piece of skin and wait at least 24 hours
• Mix with cream, oil.
• We do not advise using lavender oil directly onto the skin,
  without consulting a qualified aromatherapist.