Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream

Tamanu - Facial Skin Care
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Anti-wrinkle cream for sensitive skin around the eyes. The eye cream offers protection, provides good moisture and keeps the skin supple and soft. The eye cream supports collagen production in the skin.
Apply after our night cream.
- Content: 15 ml in a convenient roller.
Suitable  for men, women

Brand: Volcanic-Earth™

• Fine lines
• Puffiness
• Dark circles around the eyes

Let's say you believe that whole theory of eyes being the windows to the soul; then you probably shouldn't allow the theoretical window frames to appear neglected and unloved. Whether the shadows, bags, and lines are the result of overindulgence, sun damage, or allergies..
Our eye cream can still support minimize the damage done.

We are not so much in the business of selling naturally organic skin care products in a world of homogeneous skin care competitors, as we are about offering "Natural Ethical Bio-Friendly Solutions For Specific Problem Skin Conditions".

3 Authentic ingredients:

I] The original pure authentic Tamanu-Oil
Tamanu-Oil not only gives your skin and hair a glossy effect, the oil makes your skin healthy again.
1 Drop Tamanu-Oil is sufficient for daily use. Tamanu-oil supports the resilience of the skin. The Melanesian population already signalled that their wounds heal faster after using Tamanu-Oil. The oil contains both anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

II] The pure DME processed Coconut Oil

The thin ozone layer is increasing and the sun in Europe is getting more and more aggressive.
Harmful UV radiation which penetrates our skin becomes overloaded. Coconut oil supports.
It is important to not to exceed the daily recommended dose sun.

III] Pure Volcanic Ash
Volcanic ash is used as a mild, gentle and totally natural exfoliant to remove the
outer layer of dead skin cells while our Virgin Coconut Oil and our certified
organic moisturiser soften and moisturise deeply into your skin.
Volcanic Ash is processed in our Facial Cleanser, Facial Clay Mask, Facial Exfoliant, Handmade Soap with volcanic ash.

Volcanic Ash Coconut Oil Tamanu Oil

Responsible, we feel it as a responsibility to help improve the standard of living of the islands people so that they at least earn enough cash for life’s essentials such as proper housing, education and medicine. It is through its involvement in this trade and the opening up global markets for its unique products that we seek to be a significant employer for inhabitants but in a way that allows its people to continue to live in happiness and harmony with the beautiful natural (unspoiled) environment and stay in touch with ancient earth. We take great pride in being able to offer you our exclusive range of exceptional organic skin care products, while also contributing to the company's goal of providing much needed livelihood opportunities and employment.


Pharmaceutical Grade
Glass tube with roll packed in cardboard

Main ingredient: 100% Tamanu Oil
Content: 15ml Eye Cream (Volcanic Earth)
Skin Type: From normal, oily, dry to sensitive skin
Suitable for:


Ingredients: Purified Water, Calophyllum Inophyllum, Cocus Nucifera, Emulsifying Wax Profile (NF),  Aloe Vera, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Lavender Essential Oil
Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.
Our products are 100% natural and it can occur that the color or smell varies per batch.
There will be no difference in the effectiveness of the ingredients.