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100% Natural Facial Skin Care Line with 100% pure Tamanu Oil™.  Order directly ► Facial Skin Care

Why do we use skin care products?
The name says it all "skin care".
We use skin care products to keep our skin supple, because it contributes to the resilience of the skin and protect it from the weather, water and UV radiation. Care maintain the natural fat layer on the skin, and controlling the acidity.

Our pure authentic ingredients are delivered to the cosmetics industry, aesthetic dermatology clinics, Wellness industry but also the veterinary clinics.
In addition, we developed a complete body and facial skin care based on the mentioned basic ingredients.

Our products are made from natural ingredients.

Natural Facial Skin Care with pure Tamanu Oil™ :
► for sensitive skin
► for oily skin
► for combination skin
► for dry skin
Suitable  for men, women in all ages

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Every purchase of a VolcanicEarth product helps people on the islands in Oceania directly to alleviate poverty. Volcanic Earth products have been compiled with care. If you purchase 15ml Tamanu Oil, a certain amount is donated to Stichting Dierenlot. The exact amount can be read on this website: https://www.dier.nu/help-dieren-in-nood/ondernemers-en-dierenlot/ondernemers-dierenlot/

Volcanic Earth

In our research institute we focus only on ingredients that are traditionally proven effective. Our People, animals and nature are the most important ingredient. All our basic ingredients come from islands in Oceania. The basic ingredients have traditionally been proven effective. VolcanicEarth volcanicash, is not just random ash. VolcanicEarth volcanicash is collected by a special team where land right is still active on this island. The location is breathtaking and not accessible to everyone because of the dangers. VolcanicEearth Volcanic ash comes from the mouth of the volcano. VolcanicEarth Tamanuoil, is pure most effective, however, the process and the type of Tamanu is crucial. That is one of the reasons why the original Tamanu Oil is highly praised and relatively more expensive. A few drops is sufficient for daily care of the skin, do not forget your hair scalp, or other parts of the body. Tamanuoil is also very suitable for the most intimate parts. Everyone can get problems around their anus after toilet use. The skin around the anus is very thin and can easily be damaged. Tamanuoil can easily be combined with coconutoil and great as a massage oil. Coconutoil is an effective skin moisturizer and is suitable for all skin types. There are so many more benefits to mention when using pure VolcanicEarth Tamanu Oil, VolcanicEarth Coconutoil, VolcanicEarth Volcanicash. That is why we encourage beauty institutes, wellness resorts, proesthetic clinics, equine clinics, resorts, animal clinics, animal care, barbersalon, barbershops, pharmacies, hairdressers and more to develop their own authentic products. We encourage this. Ask for the possibilities.

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