Facial Clay Mask - 1 Liter

Tamanu Volcanic Earth
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Volcanic Earh Facial Clay Mask contains natural Volcanic Clay and special compound ingredients including Tamanu Oil™, Coconut Oil. Facial Clay Mask helps to purify, nourish, tone, clear, absorbs excess sebum, reduce blemishes and prevent skin breakouts.

Salon packaging [1 Liter]
It is very important to take good care of the skin. This not only involves body skin, but certainly also the skin in our face.
All day our skin is exposed to weather and can use some extra care: Volcanic Earth Facial Clay Mask:

Usage Facial Clay Mask:
• First cleanse your face with Facial Cleanser.
• Apply a small amount on the skin
• Avoid eye contact
• Leave on for 15 minutes
• Do not allow the mask to dry out ! (Spray with water)
• Rinse of with tepid water
• Followed by Facial Toner
• Followed by Facial Moisturiser


Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash…

Volcanic Ash is nature's natural healer for dry and damaged skin.
This very popular treatment celebrates the many benefits of the rich mineral content of natural volcanic ash and clays.
Because of these benefits, volcanic therapies have long been used to treat skin disorders
such as acne and psoriasis whilst nourishing and healing the skin.

This treatment is an antioxidant infusion and the perfect preparation for special events
when you want to achieve flawless, even skin.
It's also an anti-ageing remedy as it restores skin radiance and elasticity.

All ingredients are subjected to a strict quality control and assayed by GCMS and includes a COA.


Pharmaceutical Grade

Main ingredient: 100% Tamanu Oil
100% Volcanic Ash

• 1 Liter Facial Clay Mask (Volcanic Earth)

Skin Type: • normal • dry • greasy • combinations skin
Suitable for: