Natural Immune Stimulator

20% Alkylglycerol - Natural Immune stimulator

120 capsules
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Increase leukocytes, white blood cell.

Ecomer is a unique product with alkylglycerols, an endogenous substance with effects which are essential in times of exceptional strain on the body. The health benefits of alkylglycerols for the endurance of fishermen in Norway in Sweden has been described in traditional medicine.

The alkylglycerols in Ecomer have been in focus for research and development of Swedish scientists since the 1940’s. Ecomer is a pure natural product without any chemical additives.

    √   Ecomer is a result of 40 years of Swedish scientific research and development work
    √   Standardised and carefully controlled shark liver oil rich in alkyglycerols
    √   The most active alkylglycerols have been isolated by a natural production process.
    √   A high purity, natural product without chemical additives.

Ecomer Alkylglycerol supports
• Strengthens the immune defence
• Cell-protecting abilities
• Promote wound healing
• Boost the recovery of white blood cells

Our Alkylglycerol contains purified shark liver oil with at least 20% pure Alkylglycerols. Undesirable components such as squalene, cholesterol, are reduced to a minimum. Impurities such as DDT, PCBs and heavy metals have been removed.

Alkylglycerol can be taken as a preventive measure to improve the body's immune system and minimize the risk of colds, flu, chronic infection and inflammation. But can also be taken in the event of any of these symptoms.

During periods of reduced or coming reduced resistance:
1 week before and 3 capsules for treatment three times a day
Continued dose or maintenance dose 2-3 times a day 1-2 capsules

Regimen symptoms:
3 times per day 3 capsules

Preventive treatment:
2 capsules 2 times daily for at least 3 weeks
(Repeat or continuous take 3 to 6 times per year)

How should I store Alkylglycerol?
be kept at room temperature and is then to preserve 2 years.

Has Alkylglycerol side effects?
No side effects are known
May cause hypersensitivity reactions in people with an existing allergy to fish-protein.
In pregnancy consult a doctor.

Content: 120 capsules

AlkyMED research
In Sweden dr. Astrid Brohult worked in a children's hospital in Stockholm. In addition to other patients she treated those small children who are suffering from leukemia, a disease in which the body is unable to produce the normal number of white blood cells that are necessary in order to fight various infections. She was very touced and concerned about the children and began to think of new ways to treat this disease.
They decided to investigate whether an active substance was present in healthy bone marrow, the body that produces the white blood cells. After several years of research showed that an important group of active substances in bone marrow Alkylglycerols. After further investigation, they found that shark liver oil contains the highest concentration of Alkylglycerols.