Facial Toner - 1 Liter

Volcanic Earth
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Volcanic Earth Facial Toner contains special compound ingredients including Tamanu Oil™. 
Facial Toner removes excess oil, cools, soothes, refreshes and balance the pH of the skin.
Facial Toner remains an essential step in any skin-care routine.

Many people do not realise that the use of a toner for dry skin makes the cream (moisturizer) more effective into the skin. The active substances in our Volcanic Earth Moisturiser and Night Cream is very effective.
In addition, if you use Volcanic Earth Moisturiser directly after the Toner the active ingredients will embedded in the skin.

The fact that a Toner could close pores is really not true. Pores are no structures that can change any moment. If pores are visible, it means that they are clogged or stretched. If you can see the pores it may be caused by oily skin or pimples in the past. DNA also plays a role. 

Usage Volcanic Earth Toner:
• Apply a small amount on the skin with a cotton wool ball or spray directly on the skin.
• It is best not to let the Facial Toner dry out completely before applying our Facial Moisturiser.
• Let your skin breathe.
• Avoid the eye contact


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