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Tamanu Oil can be used as a stand-alone cosmetic product or as a natural ingredient for cosmetic formulations and hair products. In our research institute we investigated lots of type Tamanu Oil, you will be amazed of the variety. The same with coconut Oil. The sad thing of coconut oil is that people only look at price now a days. We stand behind ingredients that are traditionally proven effective. Our focus is people, animals and what does it do with the nature. All our basic ingredients come from islands in Oceania where we set up our own lab institute to investigate beautiful ingredients from nature and the side effects on the environment, find out what the effects are on our skin. The basic ingredients have traditionally been proven effective. VolcanicEarth volcanicash, is not just random ash. VolcanicEarth volcanicash is collected by a special team where land right is still active on this island. The location is breathtaking and not accessible to everyone because of the dangers. VolcanicEearth Volcanic ash comes from the mouth of the volcano. VolcanicEarth Tamanuoil, is pure most effective, however, the process and the type of Tamanu is crucial. That is one of the reasons why the original Tamanu Oil is highly praised and relatively more expensive. A few drops is sufficient for daily care of the skin, do not forget your hair scalp, or other parts of the body. Tamanuoil is also very suitable for the most intimate parts. Everyone can get problems around their anus after toilet use. The skin around the anus is very thin and can easily be damaged. Tamanuoil can easily be combined with coconutoil and great as a massage oil. Coconutoil is an effective skin moisturizer and is suitable for all skin types. There are so many more benefits to mention when using pure VolcanicEarth Tamanu Oil, VolcanicEarth Coconutoil, VolcanicEarth Volcanicash. That is why we encourage beauty institutes, wellness resorts, proesthetic clinics, equine clinics, resorts, animal clinics, animal care, barbersalon, barbershops, pharmacies, hairdressers and more to develop their own authentic products.
We encourage this. Ask for the possibilities.

Tamanu Oil™ is a 100% natural oil with a variety of ingredients to provide optimal skin.

• skin healing
• moisturising, soothing
• wrinkles
• gaps
• sores

Tamanu Oil™ has a wide applicability.
Suitable  for men, women in all ages

► € 0,175/ml if you purchase 1 liter Tamanu Oil


Tamanu-Oil™ has an anti-inflammatory effect without drying, because the fatty acids in the oil moisturise and soften the skin.

1 to 2 drops per day should be enough to cover the affected skin.

Traditionally been effective with:
acne scars, allergy, eczema, hair loss, itching, anti-bacterial, psoriasis, dry skin, mosquito bite, UV protection

   √ Rash

   √ UV Protection

   √ Mosquitoes Bites

   √ Scars

   √ Anti-aging

   √ Anti-viral

   √ Anti-bacterial

   √ Skin Conditions

   √ Muscles


Tamanu-Oil and Animals

Animals, like people can suffer from rheumatism, wounds, scars,
pulled muscles, sprains or general inflammation,
Applying pure Tamanu Oil™ can help relieve the symptoms.
Itching behind the ears, chest, abdomen, legs can be a kind of allergy in dogs and cats whereby a wound or inflammation can occur rapidly,
Pure Tamanu Oil™ may contribute by its antibacterial and
antiviral properties to recovery.

Pharmaceutical PET-bottle, ROPP28 with dropper.






Get your advantage from 1 Liter

► € 0,195/ml if you purchase 1 liter Tamanu-Oil…

BarberSalon, BeautySalon, Pharmacy, Wellness, Dermatology, ProEsthetic,
AnimalCare, SkinCare, BodyCare, ...


External use of Tamanu-Oil™

   √ Ideal for sores
   √ Soothes the skin and gives a glossy effect without making the skin greasy
   √ For superficial skin problems such as redness, minor wounds, rashes ...
   √ For heavy and tired legs

- Rash
- Acne
- UV Protection
- Mosquitoes Bites
- Scars
- Anti-aging
- Anti-viral
- Anti-bacterial
- Skin Conditions
- Muscles
- Anti-Inflammatory
- Acne scars
- Allergy
- Eczema
- Hair loss
- Itching
- Psoriasis
- Dry skin

INCI Name: Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed oil

Pharmaceutical Grade - with dropper

Main ingredient: 100% Tamanu Oil
Content: 1000ml [1 Liter] pure Tamanu Oil
Skin Type: • normal • dry • greasy • combinations skin
Suitable for:


Informatie: •  De olie kan massiever worden bij temperaturen lager dan 21 graden Celsius.
  [Tip: het flesje even onder lauw water houden]
• Test altijd eerst een klein stukje van de huid en wacht minimaal 24 uur.
Disclaimer: Dit product is niet bedoeld voor diagnose, behandeling, genezing of preventie van ziekten.
Onze producten zijn natuurlijk, het kan voorkomen dat de kleur of geur per partij verschilt.
Er zal geen verschil zijn in de effectiviteit van de ingrediënten.