Hand eczema

Have you ever had a red flaky skin in your hand palm, which also itches.
Try to stay away from it is so easy to say. And to treat the skin with all kind of medical cream may help a while but how harmful are these treatments. Shortly it occur again in time of stress or in certain heat.

In our research instituut, we tested a few ladies with hand eczema condition.
Tamanu Oil was consistently applied to the effected skin, several times a day.
In practice, it is difficult to lubricate a drop of oil every day on your hands, but this oil has a special feature.
The oil is absorbed quickly into the skin and does not make the skin greasy.
Take time to let it absorb and do not scratch as it can be infected due to your fingernails.
Leave it alone and let it heal. If you cannot combine it in your current work, than work with patches (but use the one that is oil resistance).
Make sure there is plenty of pure Tamanu-Oil on the patch and ensure an oil-resistant patch.
The oil naturally has antiviral and antibacterial activity.