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Tamanu Chemical Free

Are you someone who is allergic to deodorants and antiperspirants?
Deodorant can lead to considerable irritation. The skin may itch
and there may be red rash and even pain. A dry skin can also be the result of deodorant.

A drop of Tamanu-Oil is sufficient to rub your armpits.
The oil absorbs quickly into the skin. Make sure it is absorbed well before you dress yourself.

Tamanu-Oil™ is a 100% natural oil with a variety of activities to provide optimal skin.

• skin healing
• moisturising, soothing
• wrinkles
• gaps
• sores

Tamanu-Oil™ has a wide applicability.


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Anti-Inflammatory Tamanu-Oil 15ml


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Anti-Inflammatory Tamanu-Oil 100ml


Anti-Inflammatory Tamanu-Oil 1 Liter